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Quad 30 Bird of the Day

Saturday, June 12th
Erie, Minnesota


Wilson's Phalarope

What is happening to this species' breeding population in WI? When reviewing all of the Atlas data for the state, this species surfaces quickly as one that has and is declining. It was confirmed as breeding in ONLY 7 quads during the Atlas! When Sam's write-up is compared with the Atlas data, it is quite evident that if something doesn't change quickly, we may lose it as a breeding species for WI.

The BBS doesn't do a good job of tracking populations of a rare species like the Wilson's Phalarope. It shows up in the MN BBS data as being seen in only 3 routes, and the decline here has been more than 15% per year since 1966. I guess I'm quite lucky to see one fly into a sedge meadow this morning on the Erie route.

I suggest that some concerted monitoring work be undertaken now for this species in WI and MN.

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