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Quad 30 Bird of the Day

Wednesday, June 16th
Glendale, Minnesota


Winter Wren

Is there any better bird song than what comes out of the diminutive Winter Wren? Listening to 9 of them today was a wonderful experience, and the distance that one can hear them always surprises me. Their song carries very well through the dense tangles of underbrush usually present in their coniferous, wet habitat. They are most abundant in southern Ontario and Quebec and northern ME in its range in the East. An interesting side-note is that the Winter Wren is the only one of the 59 wren species that also is found outside the New World.

BBS data for MN and WI show them to be increasing since 1966 (2.1% annually in WI and 1.3% in MN). I recommend that if you ever have the chance to hear its recorded song reduced to a slower speed (half-or quarter-speed), please take the opportunity. I promise that its complexity will amaze you as you'll hear a remarkable blend of halftones and overtones all sung at the same time.

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