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Quad 30 Bird of the Day

Thursday, June 3rd
Chandler, Minnesota


Ring-necked Pheasant

138 individuals on one BBS route!!! UNBELIEVABLE! When I stepped out of the car to start stop 1 on the Chandler, MN route, I was hit in the face with the sound of pheasant cocks crowing all around me - and this continued throughout the route although the best pheasant habitat was near the start and they are most vocal early in the day. I've always heard about how pheasant hunting is terrific in places like NE and SD, but the density can't be any greater there than what I experienced today.

In MN the BBS data show a long-term decline of 1.7% annually, whereas in WI, the trend is also negative but not as severe (1.1%). I'm sure pheasant management is as complex and worked on here as hard as it is in WI and I wish our wildlife managers, including those with public agencies, private conservation organizations like Pheasants Forever, and private landowners, all the best as they attempt to maintain high pheasant numbers. I just wish everyone could hear the crowing of this terrific bird as I did before dawn on June 3 from the flatlands of southwestern MN.

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