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Quad 30 Bird of the Day

Monday, June 7th
Chokio, Minnesota


Western Kingbird

I knew from looking at past results that I might have a chance for a Western Kingbird in MN, and I was wishing for one as I wrote the account for the Sunday survey. I didn't have to wait long today - stop 7 - Western Kingbird. It flew past me toward a row of large cottonwoods and then circled around. It caught a dragonfly and perched on a nearby sign where it began to whack the dragonfly, apparently in an attempt to remove the its wings. After about 30 seconds, it succeeded and then swallowed the body of the dragonfly.

Seth and I saw a couple of them in westcentral Minnesota last August after we dropped off Laurel at college in Morris. I've only seen one Western Kingbird in WI, but that one was noteworthy - it was on my property in Ozaukee County! It appeared on the same day that Wisconsin's first Eurasian Collared-Dove was present on the property along with a Northern Mockingbird. Whenever I see a Western Kingbird in the future, I'll always think back to that day in early June.

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