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Quad 30 Bird of the Day

Tuesday, June 8th
Chokio, Minnesota


Marbled Godwit

How often do you get "goosebumps" when you see or hear a bird? Today, I had them for the first time during the Quad 30 operation. Near the end of one of my 3-minute stops near a wonderfully productive weland complex, I watched a Marbled Godwit sail in to land in a wet meadow bordering a cat-tail marsh harboring a nice colony of Yellow-headed Blackbirds. Oh, how I wish that WI still had Marbled Godwits breeding inside its borders.

Steve Miller, one of the chief wildlife persons with the WDNR, and I have discussed what it would take to get this species back as a breeder in the state. At this point, we just wonder and speculate. Is it possible? At least, it is possible to dream about it and think about how many "goosebumps" would be created on Wisconsin's birders when they watched this large shorebird going through its courtship or spied one of its downy young.

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