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Quad 30 Bird of the Day

Sunday, May 30th
West Carrollton, Ohio



It's neat when one observes a year bird while doing a BBS route. Since the Dickcissel is among the very latest of our spring migrants, I sometimes see my first one of the year in Wisconsin while doing one of the BBS routes in Kenosha and Racine Counties. This morning at stop 8 on the West Carrollton, Ohio route, with one side of the road being a large, weedy fallow field, it was neat to hear the song of this Neotropical migrant.

Two birds were present along with two Grasshopper Sparrows; this location was the only spot where I observed these two species. BBS data have shown the dramatic decline of this species in the Upper Midwest. Ohio is at the fringe of the eastern range of the Dickcissel. In Wisconsin, BBS data show a significant 10.6% annual decline since 1966! The BBS data have been critical in clearly demonstrating the decline of the Dickcissel and some of its grassland brethren.

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