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Noel's Quad 30 Journal

Tuesday, June 15th
Littlefork, Minnesota


When I stepped out of my Vue at the starting point, it was like hitting a wall of bird songs. I think all the species were singing with so much vigor to stay warm. Typically, when I arrive at the starting point, I open the window as I prepare the map, forms, times, and other gear. This gives me a chance to acclimatize to the birds singing in the darkness. However, because it was cold this morning - 38 degrees!!!!, I didn't do this, and the dawn chorus smacked me in the face. It took a couple of minutes to get going.

Then, there were the American Bitterns - read more about this "Bird of the Day." I thought the route would provide some diversity as I drove near the route on my way to International Falls for the night. And it was a good route with 73 species (15-20 species more than tallied from 1994-99), including some bog birds - Lincoln's Sparrow, Palm Warbler, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, and Connecticut Warbler. New birds for the trip were a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and an immature Northern Goshawk that flushed from the near the roadside ditch and then allowed a scope view as it perched in a nearby white birch. The 17 Veeries and 13 Sedge Wrens, along with the 3 most common warblers (yellowthroat - 40, Nashville - 35, and Ovenbird - 34) also gives you an idea of the habitat diversity of the 50 stops.

And even the mediocre pancakes and weak coffee at the Big Spoon Cafe in Littlefork didn't dampen my spirits after a neat BBS.

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