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Noel's Quad 30 Journal

Sunday, June 6th
Knapp, Minnesota


Not only did my good friend Carl join me on 2 of my BBS routes this week-end, he treated me to a very fine dinner at Peters on Ripley Lake in Litchfield, MN last night - a good friend to share excellent food that would have made Dennis Getto happy, and spectacular scenery! I watched a thunderstorm build as I returned to my motel in Hutchinson, and then the skies opened up after I arrived, and I would estimate that 2" of rain poured down. A dense fog made driving to the starting point this morning a little difficult.

Although we had a few problems with negotiating the route, the survey went well. A number of wetland species were observed including 2 rail species, Black Tern, loon, white pelican, cormorant, and 6 species of waterfowl. Veery was added to the overall species list for the Knapp route. Two individuals of 4 different flycatcher species were encountered - Willow, Alder, Least, and Eastern Phoebe. The Great Crested was the most abundant (19) flycatcher, followed by pewee (10) and Eastern Kingbird (4). I hope that a Western Kingbird will be forthcoming soon.

All in all, a nice route with 72 species, bettering the average of 63 found over the past 3 years.

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