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Noel's Quad 30 Journal

Sunday, May 30th
West Carrollton, Ohio


One down and a bunch to go. Today had a combination of highs and lows that are typical for observers doing BBS routes. There was rain but not enough to stop bird song so I pushed ahead, a detour for a culvert replacement, difficulty in trying to decipher the route descriptions from previous observers, and barking dogs (first one wasn't until stop 34 - they must have slept in on Sunday - of course, this first one had 5 dogs - all barking. Later, a homeowner walked down the driveway to see if I was having a problem, and of course his barking dog accompanied him.

Some have asked how I calculated the number of species that I expect to tally during the Quad 30 Campaign. I took the results the last 3 times the route was run and just added up all the species. The West Carrollton route was last surveyed in 2001 (also in 2000 and 1999). Fifty-nine species was the average for these 3 years - I was fortunate to tally 70 today. I added 2 species never before seen on this route - a crowing Ring-necked Pheasant and a pair of Northern Harriers hunting together. The most abundant species was American Robin. Hearing 4 of my second favorite warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, is always a special pleasure. The biggest surprise species was a Pileated Woodpecker that suddenly sounded off nearby in very unlikely pileated habitat.

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